Creditor Bankruptcy

Modesto Creditor Bankruptcy Attorneys

When a debtor files for bankruptcy, it can be a severe financial blow to creditors. Skilled legal guidance is critical for surviving the impact of a debtor filing for bankruptcy. At Crabtree Schmidt, we represent creditors from the Modesto area, throughout California, and across the nation in California bankruptcy proceedings. Our lawyers are committed to protecting the rights of creditors in bankruptcy.

Protecting Creditors’ Rights

As a creditor, it is important to know and protect your rights in bankruptcy. Once a debtor files for bankruptcy, you are barred from pursuing collection activities due to the automatic stay, but you may be able to obtain assets in the bankruptcy proceedings, depending on which bankruptcy chapter is filed and whether your claim is secured by the debtor’s property.

We are experienced advocates for creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. We can counsel you on your options before and after the automatic stay goes into effect. We are prepared to represent you throughout the bankruptcy proceedings, including in bankruptcy litigation.

Real Estate And Bankruptcy

Real estate is often a major issue in bankruptcy. Our strong background in real estate law, coupled with our experience in bankruptcy law provide added benefit and insights for our clients who need to protect their claims and security interests when a bankruptcy is filed.