Trust & Probate Litigation

Modesto Trust and Probate Litigation Attorneys

A death in the family can leave surviving family members with complex and often contentious legal and financial issues. If you are seeking legal guidance for probate or trust litigation in California, the attorneys at Crabtree Schmidt are here to guide you through the process and help you resolve your disputes in a favorable, cost-effective manner.

Trustees are bound by law to act on behalf of the named beneficiaries of the trust. When allegations of trustee misconduct arise, it is important for all parties involved to protect their legal rights.

Trust litigation can involve a number of legal disputes, including allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, undue influence, fraud and other types of malfeasance. Our attorneys represent clients in all types of trust litigation and are prepared to protect your rights and interests.

Probate in California

Probate is the process of concluding the financial affairs of someone who has passed away. The probate process involves the court-supervised process of:

  • Appraising the assets
  • Collecting Debts
  • Paying Creditors
  • Distributing Wealth and Assets to Beneficiaries

Our lawyers are well-versed in the nuances of the California Probate Code and can protect your rights in these matters.